Inclusion Statement

Consistent with the mission of the University of Notre Dame, the faculty and staff of the College Seminar Program are dedicated to fostering a learning community that represents and builds on a rich diversity of human experiences, backgrounds, cultures, histories, ideas, and ways of living.  

We also commit to the task of negotiating the dual priorities of authentic free speech and active regard for all others in a safe, supportive, and anti-oppressive classroom environment.  An anti-oppressive environment means we work against language, actions, interactions and ideologies that hurt people. 

Hate speech of any kind will not be permitted. This includes the use of slurs related to race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, class, age, or disability, and personal attacks on others’ ideas. This is not intended to exclude respectful discussion of hate speech.

The Center for Social Concerns created a Virtues of Discourses Pledge which all are encouraged to honor.