Fall 2010 Courses

Atlas by Fred Wilson (1995)

Global Problems

Culture and Politics

Debating Democracy in Global Context

Is there an Environmental Crisis?

Food Fights

The Global Economy

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and Everything Else: Judgement, Ethics and History

Japan's Past, Present & Future

The Rhetoric of War and Peace

Trojan War Tragedies

Japanese Landscape

American Inquiries

The Blessings of Liberty

Labor, Race, and the struggle for Dignity

Minority Experiences in American Education

Poverty and Politics

Science Fiction in an American Key: An Anthropologist Looks at the Genre

Sports in American Life

Nude with Mirror

Issues of Identity

About Me? Discovering Self


Exploring Gender Roles through Opera

Gender and Power in Irish and European Tradition

Heaven on Earth: Utopian Ideals and Human Nature

Performance and Persuasion

Sex and Morality

Society and Environment

Understanding Time, Celebrating the Ordinary

Caravaggio, Doubting Thomas

Faith and Reason

Christian Faith and Global Justice

Faith, Doubt, and Reason

Perfect God, Imperfect World: The Problem of Evil