Fall 2011 Courses

April 15, 1967

American Inquiries

California Culture at Mid-Century

Labor, Race, and the Struggle for Dignity

Live and Let Diet

Minority Experience In American Education

Science Fiction in an American Key

Sustainability and Equity in American Agriculture



All About Me? Discovering Self


Folklore, History, Literature and National Identity

Marginal Voices

Single and Double Selves

Society and Environment


Art and Culture

Culture and Politics

Image Takers/Image Makers: Representation, Art and the Power of Photography

Medievalism in Popular Culture

Modernity: Expressions in Culture, Politics and the Arts 

Performance and Persuasion

The Philosophy of Performance

Work, Leisure, Happiness


Global Issues

Japan's Past, Present, and Future

Dark Continent: Europe in the Twentieth Century


Life, Faith and Reason

Christian Faith and Global Justice


Constructing a Good Life

Perfect God, Imperfect World: The Problem of Evil